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Use Cloud Based Video Conferencing

Cloud based networks offer high-quality video conferencing that has slashed the budget for IT and communication in many organizations.

Why Cloud?

If you start enquiring each company that why they are using cloud based video conferencing, you will get individual answers from each of the companies. There will be variable reasons like scalability of services, greater portability, reduction in the cost of software and hardware and so on. Some companies will also put emphasis on improvement in collaboration after using cloud video conferencing or integration among different departments.

Just the way computers have evolved from desktops, laptops, tablets and now chrome books, there is an evolution in software too! Now there is more demand for companies offering software as service rather than being boxed! You and your employees can easily connect with each other from any part of the world if you two are carrying two things with you, ‘username’, and ‘password’! Cloud has made this possible to connect with people, share files, and do video conferencing on the go. So, the trend of rising in use cloud is being noted in every part of the globe.

Cloud – Easy way to communicate

Working IT professionals now can work from their home! Why only IT professionals, many companies are allowing their employees to work from home. They can complete their assigned task sitting at the comfort of their home. For attending a meeting, you need not wake up in the morning, get into formal attire, and rush to office. Keep your calm, open your laptop, and get connected with others on video conferencing. You can even meet your important client online while you are enjoying scuba diving in the Caribbean!

All this is from the point of view of ease in using technology. If you think in financial terms, you will find that beneficial as well. Using cloud based apps will just not make it easier to collaborate and communicate but also reduce the IT budget of companies.

Any company nowadays can allow their employees to work from home just as they have the facility to provide them with the necessary software to complete any tasks. How they provide, obviously with the help of cloud servers! This also helps them in reducing many costs related to the sitting arrangement of the employee.

Hence, may such reasons are making organizations shift to cloud video conferencing. It’s simple and can be conducted anywhere on the go.

3 Simple ways to avoid getting hacked

hkuhThe internet is such an amazing invention that has helped to make connection with other people and learning about new things so much easier. But there is a negative side to the internet and that is the security threats lurking around the corner.

But keeping yourself safe online isn’t brain surgery and you can protect yourself with some very simple ways. Here are five simple ways you can lower the likelihood of getting hacked.

1. Change Your Passwords Often Enough

It is really important that you pay enough attention to your passwords. It is really important that you start using complex passwords that aren’t as easy to hack. You also want to use a different password for each site because this lowers the possibility of you getting hacked in multiple different accounts at once.

But as well as having the right kind of password it is also essential that you regularly change it. Majority of people just hang on to the same password for a long period, which really makes them vulnerable for an attack. It is a good idea to change your passwords every four months, for example.

2. Log Out

You also want to start logging out of your accounts when you stop using them or step away from your computer. Even though your computer and laptop might be safe from getting stolen, your account is still much easier to hack if you don’t log out. This is especially important when you are using a different internet connection, for instance while you are travelling.

3. Securing Your Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi networks are probably the easiest ways of accessing your computer and therefore it is really important that you use them securely. Make sure that your home or office Wi-Fi isn’t available for use without a password. Also in an office environment if you want to provide Wi-Fi for customers you need to make sure it is different from your business Wi-Fi.

There are some good tips for securing your Wi-Fi network in this PCWorld article. Make sure you take these tips on board and avoid using really sensitive accounts such as online banking when you are using a public Wi-Fi connection.

The Gift of Growing Technology is Online Games

The games we play these days are a complete change from what people used to play till some years ago. Earlier we had highly simple games which could be played easily without requiring too much understanding. However, sophisticated technology and advancements have completely transformed the gaming world, making it more exciting and interactive. While in early days games were developed in action scripts, today’s games use flash player.

The gaming world is no more limited, when it comes to the variety of games. While racing games dominated the market in earlier times, now a day there are countless games available. From simple and easy to the most complex and difficult, consumers are able to choose games that best compliment their level of skills. You have shooter games, real time strategy games, action games, live online casino games, and so on.

Another way in which growing technology has contributed in making online games more popular is by providing a common platform for people sitting in the farthest corners of the world to play games over the network. All you need is a good internet connection and you can play multiplayer games and make your own team with players sitting in different corners of the world.

As the technology is getting more refined and advanced, the arena of game designing and development is also witnessing new advancements. Designers are able to use much better tools which allow them to make the best use of their designing capabilities and create something completely unique and exclusive. From the story and theme, to the layout and characters, every aspect of game development has been transformed completely. Even the developers are incorporating their games with unthinkable features, which is sure to offer their users a never-had-before experience. Hi tech games these days are being developed using 2D and even 3D flash, which makes them far more entertaining and indulging.

A revolutionary technology which is being incorporated in future games is sure to extend the boundaries of game development. Wireless interface technology is a huge step forward for gaming companies, which is going to allow the players to make use of realistic features for controlling the control motions. Earlier developed for military, primarily for training purposes, this technology is now being introduced in the fast evolving world of video games as well.

Looking at the game development trends till now, it can be rightly said that the incredible combination of games and technology promises exciting times ahead for the consumers as we can expect the gaming companies to bring something exclusive, not only for us but for themselves as well. The rising competition among gaming companies is pushing them to strive hard and maintain their respective positions

About Digitization & DTH

The government of India has passed an ordinance which makes it mandatory for digitization of the cable services. This amendment makes Digital Addressable System (DAS) compulsory. Even with two phases of digitization over, the impact of digitization is not yet fully registered in the country. Indian consumers are yet to fully grasp the concept of digitization and how will they be empowered by digitization.

Here is an attempt to answer some of the frequently asked questions

What is digitization?

Digitization is the process of converting analogue information into a digital format which is of superior technology. The section 9 of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Amendment Ordinance, 1995, along with the I&B ministry have made it compulsory for digitization of cable services. The objective of doing this is to entitle customers with larger benefits such as increase in the number of channels and enhanced viewing. In order to utilize digital services, consumers will require a satellite reflector to get signals and a set top box to decrypt those signals.

What is DTH?

DTH is an acronym for direct-to-home. It is the process by which broadcasting on a satellite television happens. Direct-to-home technology is also known as Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) Technology. Through this technology television services are provided anywhere in the country by usage of digital satellite service. People who stay in the interiors and remote places will be benefitted immensely by this as wireless technology enables channels, programmes and services to be sent directly to the consumer’s television devoid of cable infrastructure. DTH is considered a technological advancement in the history of channel broadcasting.

What is DVR?

DVR is an abbreviation for Digital Video Recorder. The Digital Video Recorder is an application software which enables one to record videos in a digital format such as USB flash drive, disk drive, memory card or a mass storage device. Set top boxes come with a provision known as direct to disk recording facility that provides recording onto secure digital memory cards. This can later be played back from the hard disk drive. It is an innovative feature that is provided by DTH service operators, which helps people record their favorite shows and programmes in case they have missed it or simply to watch it again.

Which is the best DTH?

This question can spark various answers as everyone can have a biased approach. Going by the choice of the majority, the most favored DTH is Videocon d2h. Videocon d2h is India’s fastest growing DTH service and is also Asia’s most promising DTH brand. It has won many awards and accolades. It gives various exciting features like the first brand to introduce a 3D channel, a radio frequency remote, 12 PIP Mosaic and many more.

Safety for Workplaces

Workplaces could be characterized as one with lots of employees separated by cubicles, whose tables are full of papers and appliances, including computers and other electric and electronic equipments. In such a crowded and busy area, there is a possibility for accidents caused by faulty electric devices without anyone noticing, until a raging fire would demand proper attention. To avoid that, there are three things that must be followed to the letter.

First is to make sure that the electric equipments in the office are not by any chance, defective. Before buying anything, check if the equipment you bought isn’t malfunctioning, and do not buy anything that is substandard. It would be better if you give the task of shopping for the items needed in the workplace to someone who knows how to find good materials and devices, and not just to someone who knows how to find the cheapest deals.

Second is proper and appropriate usage of things. Instructions are provided on how to use an equipment, and that is to guide you through and through.  Although “there are a thousand ways to kill a cat” as there are lots of things you can do to a certain appliance, it’s not always safe to try heating the burger on the coffeemaker.

Last is to conduct regular check and maintenance. Appliances have to be tested with PAT test equipments so as to ascertain that it could still work perfectly. Regular maintenance certainly demands time, effort, and money. PAT test equipments are expensive, but you can acquire them at rental companies for a much lower price than when you buy it brand new or secondhand. And remember, do the test with the appropriate testing equipments.

Starting Planning to Shop for Refurbished Computers

wraThere are some who would tell you that it would be easier to buy brand new computers rather than spending a lot of time looking for a good refurbished unit. The truth is that shopping for reconditioned computers is not really that difficult. The easiest way to search for great deals on refurbished computer unit is to go online and find the most reliable companies and providers of reconditioned computers. It’s essentially just one click away.

You can go direct to the manufacturer’s sites and see if they provide refurbished units. The best way to find and shop for refurbished and used computers are online marketplaces, or online auctions. Some of the most popular sites include Ebay, and Shopzilla. You can also visit other sites that are not so internationally popular such as, Evisu, iShopUSA, etc. Most of these sites would provide you the links to the manufacturer’s site, which makes your shopping all the more easier.

When shopping for computers, you might want to keep an eye on good deals as you search for the computer you want to buy. There are some refurbished computer providers who would offer you the same warranties offered for brand new units.

You can also find local providers of refurbished computer units on Craiglist and similar sites. It works best if you prefer dealing with the seller personally instead of paying for the items you wanted online, you can find the contact details of the seller of the items you wanted to buy and ask for a meet up.

If you wanted to do your shopping online one thing you can do to ease your worries and to find out if you are buying from a reliable source is to check the feedback page of the site. Read the comments from previous and recent customers of the manufacturer or the seller.

Prepare a list of the computers you are eyeing on, and see which one can give you the best bargain. Compare prices and check the specs of the computers. You might want to check if basic programs are already installed in the computer you are planning to purchase, and if the operating system is not outdated. (Extra tip for computer noobs: Stay away from those which have Windows 98 as their operating system.)

Shopping for refurbished computers may be a bit time consuming, but it’s worth the effort. The internet is your best buddy when it comes to shopping, because you can find almost anything at any online market.

Virtual Goods Making Real Money

A few years ago, it was exclusive on online games, but now even social networks are joining in the trend. Despite the general opinion that purchasing virtual goods are such as waste of money, it seems like more and more people are so into virtual life that they are willing to splurge their hard-earned funds and exchange them into virtual coins to buy the items that they need for their virtual homes, and the likes. And some people do make serious cash over these “virtual necessities”.

The virtual goods may be bought directly or by converting your cash into a virtual form through different payment methods (with credit card and Paypal being the most popular purchasing means). Such items are usually accessories for the avatars, materials for virtual homes, or weapons and items that can help players speed up in the games. Some games have also some other means to gain coins, such as signups for subscriptions, but the real business is still on the purchase of virtual money.

Second Life has the largest virtual economy, with around half a billion dollars. It appears that a lot of people are willing to convert their real currency into Lindberg money (the currency used in the game), so that they can buy the items and accessories they need. And Second Life is not the only lucrative “virtual zone”. Social networks such as Facebook are peppered with a lot of games that encourages the conversion of real-life money into virtual coins. In fact, in a report by Justin Smith, founder of Inside Network and Charles Hudson, VP of Serious Business, they predicted that by 2010, the sales for virtual goods and items will reach approximately $1.6 billion.

This thriving trade seems to indicate another possibility: that more and more people are being hooked with the idea of living a virtual life. Although the idea of spending real money over something that can only be used in the virtual zone has been receiving negative comments from a lot of critics, the business would apparently last for a long time yet.

Connection Type for your Small Business

Nowadays, choosing the internet connection type truly is one of the most important factor you need to account for when running a small business of any kind. Being offline is like being in the dark for most types of business out there, from retail to utility.
The fact is that 78% of U.S. residents have a social media profile. An even more impressive stat is that U.S. ecommerce sales in 2015 have reached 1.5 trillion dollars. Both of these statistics only support the claim that having an online presence of any kind is an imperative in 2016 and beyond.

For any kind of web presence it is essential that you have a quality internet connection. Whether for social media management, customer support, website management and maintenance, etc. However, not only quality is important but the speed of download and upload as well, which you can confirm by taking internet speed test during high usage. If you see bottlenecks while doing the measuring, you will have to consider upgrading your internet plan.

Getting a fiber optic internet is surely one of the smartest decisions you can make. It may be costly, but it has the best download/upload ratio and can support more users in cheaper plans. The prices for the fiber optic range from $70 to $200, and the speeds vary from 15 Mbps up to 150 Mbps or more in some places. Depending on the number of simultaneous users and the type of your business, usual needs per user are from 2 Mbps up to 5 or 6 Mbps.

The problem with the fiber optic internet is its coverage. Only about 30% of the U.S. is covered with fiber optic which is far from ideal, and the chances are you might not have this type of internet as an option at all.

Cable internet has a bit of an advantage over DSL because of better speeds. They can go up to 100 Mbps for download and 10 Mbps for upload, enabling up to 20 simultaneous users. Business users’ prices range from $60 to $300+ USD.

The only drawback of cable connection is that it shares bandwidth with other users in your neighborhood, so speeds may downgrade during peak usage times.

DSL is the slowest in this three-horse race, but it is certainly one of the most reliable connection types. Unlike fiber, it has far better coverage as it depends on your landline phone and, opposing to cable, it doesn’t share bandwidth with other users. DSL can reach speeds of up to 50 Mbps for download and 3 Mbps for upload. This means that if you plan on uploading large files, DSL simply won’t do the work for you.

We’ve presented you with 3 connection types with the biggest overall coverage. Choosing between any of them is purely situational. If you have a high number of employees, which spend a lot of bandwidth, fibre optic has no alternative. If you don’t see yourself in that group of demanding users, either of the remaining two options are quite satisfactory. Just bare in mind that Cable has double the speeds of DSL and DSL is just a tad more stable.


You Can Make Money From Your Website

Making money from your website is possible, but only if you find the best way to monetize. While many will claim that there is nothing easier than setting up everything to earn some money, it will greatly depend on the type of your website, your audience and the service you will use.

Do You Have Sponsors?

One of the best ways to earn money is to have sponsors give you money for what you do. However, this can range from simple payments for ensuring that your website is up and running investing in content production. Be sure to detail your sponsors about why they should finance your business.

Invest in Smart Ads to Get Money Back

With new versions of smart ads being available widely to almost any business, you will have to make sure that you make the most out of them. One of the best ways to get some money back is to start using audio ads to grab the attention of your clients. In the long run, it will be a good way to earn a decent revenue and to attract a wider audience.

Start Selling Your Own Products

Running your own e-commerce website can help you not only promote your own products but to earn a decent sum. Nevertheless, you will need to explore an online payment system that will ensure that you are able to receive money without any issues.

Start Using Affiliate Marketing

Many are afraid of using affiliate marketing and associating themselves with it because it might seem like they are working a pyramid scheme. Though, this could not be further from the truth. You will have to come up with a marketing strategy beforehand, if you want to make a steady revenue.

Market Sponsored Posts

Chances are that over time, when you website starts getting a decent amount for traffic, you will be offered to review and post sponsored content. Even though it seems like a completely win-win situation, you have to weigh the outcome of it and how it will affect your business. Bear in mind never to post anything irrelevant to your website because it will drive your clients away.

Create an E-Mailing List

As unbelievable as it may sound, but creating a mailing list will help you generate more traffic and profits at the end of the month. You need to ensure that you do your research in order to attract more people and to come up with clever content with the aim in mind to avoid spamming.

Develop and Sell Your Website For a Profit

You can make a sizeable amount of money if you are able to develop a website and sell it to the highest bidder in the end. However, you need to be aware that this method will take some time and effort to get everything started. Furthermore, you have to take into account whether the incubation period for the website will allow you to pull through without having any major expenses.

While it is possible to make money off of your website, it is not as easy as others make it seem, because you have to explore many options in order to find the golden middle line. Moreover, there is no guarantee that one option will be efficient over the other and you need to experiment to find the best possible deal. Keep in mind to set up a good payment system if you want to receive and send money without having to worry about something going wrong along the way.

Your Business Needs an App

Due to a number of technological advancements, the world has never been smaller in terms of how easy it is today to get in touch with people all over the globe. For this reason, many businesses are trying to establish an online presence via blogs, websites and social media. However, these three are not the only ways for a company to market itself in the online world.

Mobile apps are the latest trend that more and more small and medium-sized business are catching on to. Considering the amount of time that people nowadays spend using their smartphones, this seems like a logical turn of events. Actually, if you have a mobile app, customers will probably pick you over your competition. With the fierce competition in today’s business world, not having a mobile app is pretty much a luxury you cannot afford. In the following article we will examine all the benefits an app can give to your business.

You will be easily accessible

According to the statistics, an average American spends more than two hours per day on his smartphone. Almost three quarters of Americans check their smartphones at least once an hour, and out of all that time, around 90% is reserved for app usage. This goes so far that they now spend more time on their smartphones than in front of the TV. With this in mind, it is easy to conclude that if you have a mobile app, customers can get in touch with your business at any time or any place.

You will beat the competition

Imagine a situation where a potential customer has to pick between you and one of your competitors. If you have a mobile app while your competitor does not, that customer is very likely to opt for your product or services. But what to do if you cannot afford a mobile app and you do not possess the right knowledge to develop one? Fortunately, there is a mobile app maker that can turn any beginner into an app developer.

Mobile app is another direct marketing channel

Apps proved to be exceptionally useful, as they can provide general information, prices, search features, user accounts, messengers, etc.  This is a major benefit, as customers only have to slide their fingers down to your app, open it, and all the necessary information about your business is right there.  If you want to achieve a more direct interaction, you can use push notifications just as a reminder.

Customer engagement will improve

Regardless of your field of work, customers need a way to get in touch with you. If your app includes a messaging feature, the way you communicate with customers will be totally different.  To illustrate, if you were a restaurant owner, you would greatly benefit from an app that will enable your customers to book a table at your place. It is highly likely that many people will go for this option, simply because it takes less time.

An app builds brand and recognition

A mobile app can be very beneficial for your brand awareness. You can create an app according to your wishes, but what you actually want to do is develop the one that includes features you know your customers will simply adore. It should also be well branded and have an appealing design.

Regarding recognition, the more your customers use your app, the more likely it is that they will buy your product or use your services. In advertising, this is called the ”effective frequency”. It takes around 20 times for your brand to be seen or heard of before it gets noticed.

Customer loyalty will steadily increase

This is probably the most important reason for getting a mobile app for your business. Potential customers are constantly bombarded with ads, billboards, flashing signs, flyers, Facebook ads, newspaper ads, etc. As a result, it has become extremely easy to lose impact on customers. A mobile app is an excellent solution for this problem, as it can be used to make and maintain true and sincere connections with them. This way, you will surely develop customer loyalty, which can prove to be crucial for your business in the long run.