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Virtual Goods Making Real Money

A few years ago, it was exclusive on online games, but now even social networks are joining in the trend. Despite the general opinion that purchasing virtual goods are such as waste of money, it seems like more and more people are so into virtual life that they are willing to splurge their hard-earned funds and exchange them into virtual coins to buy the items that they need for their virtual homes, and the likes. And some people do make serious cash over these “virtual necessities”.

The virtual goods may be bought directly or by converting your cash into a virtual form through different payment methods (with credit card and Paypal being the most popular purchasing means). Such items are usually accessories for the avatars, materials for virtual homes, or weapons and items that can help players speed up in the games. Some games have also some other means to gain coins, such as signups for subscriptions, but the real business is still on the purchase of virtual money.

Second Life has the largest virtual economy, with around half a billion dollars. It appears that a lot of people are willing to convert their real currency into Lindberg money (the currency used in the game), so that they can buy the items and accessories they need. And Second Life is not the only lucrative “virtual zone”. Social networks such as Facebook are peppered with a lot of games that encourages the conversion of real-life money into virtual coins. In fact, in a report by Justin Smith, founder of Inside Network and Charles Hudson, VP of Serious Business, they predicted that by 2010, the sales for virtual goods and items will reach approximately $1.6 billion.

This thriving trade seems to indicate another possibility: that more and more people are being hooked with the idea of living a virtual life. Although the idea of spending real money over something that can only be used in the virtual zone has been receiving negative comments from a lot of critics, the business would apparently last for a long time yet.

Connection Type for your Small Business

Nowadays, choosing the internet connection type truly is one of the most important factor you need to account for when running a small business of any kind. Being offline is like being in the dark for most types of business out there, from retail to utility.
The fact is that 78% of U.S. residents have a social media profile. An even more impressive stat is that U.S. ecommerce sales in 2015 have reached 1.5 trillion dollars. Both of these statistics only support the claim that having an online presence of any kind is an imperative in 2016 and beyond.

For any kind of web presence it is essential that you have a quality internet connection. Whether for social media management, customer support, website management and maintenance, etc. However, not only quality is important but the speed of download and upload as well, which you can confirm by taking internet speed test during high usage. If you see bottlenecks while doing the measuring, you will have to consider upgrading your internet plan.

Getting a fiber optic internet is surely one of the smartest decisions you can make. It may be costly, but it has the best download/upload ratio and can support more users in cheaper plans. The prices for the fiber optic range from $70 to $200, and the speeds vary from 15 Mbps up to 150 Mbps or more in some places. Depending on the number of simultaneous users and the type of your business, usual needs per user are from 2 Mbps up to 5 or 6 Mbps.

The problem with the fiber optic internet is its coverage. Only about 30% of the U.S. is covered with fiber optic which is far from ideal, and the chances are you might not have this type of internet as an option at all.

Cable internet has a bit of an advantage over DSL because of better speeds. They can go up to 100 Mbps for download and 10 Mbps for upload, enabling up to 20 simultaneous users. Business users’ prices range from $60 to $300+ USD.

The only drawback of cable connection is that it shares bandwidth with other users in your neighborhood, so speeds may downgrade during peak usage times.

DSL is the slowest in this three-horse race, but it is certainly one of the most reliable connection types. Unlike fiber, it has far better coverage as it depends on your landline phone and, opposing to cable, it doesn’t share bandwidth with other users. DSL can reach speeds of up to 50 Mbps for download and 3 Mbps for upload. This means that if you plan on uploading large files, DSL simply won’t do the work for you.

We’ve presented you with 3 connection types with the biggest overall coverage. Choosing between any of them is purely situational. If you have a high number of employees, which spend a lot of bandwidth, fibre optic has no alternative. If you don’t see yourself in that group of demanding users, either of the remaining two options are quite satisfactory. Just bare in mind that Cable has double the speeds of DSL and DSL is just a tad more stable.


You Can Make Money From Your Website

Making money from your website is possible, but only if you find the best way to monetize. While many will claim that there is nothing easier than setting up everything to earn some money, it will greatly depend on the type of your website, your audience and the service you will use.

Do You Have Sponsors?

One of the best ways to earn money is to have sponsors give you money for what you do. However, this can range from simple payments for ensuring that your website is up and running investing in content production. Be sure to detail your sponsors about why they should finance your business.

Invest in Smart Ads to Get Money Back

With new versions of smart ads being available widely to almost any business, you will have to make sure that you make the most out of them. One of the best ways to get some money back is to start using audio ads to grab the attention of your clients. In the long run, it will be a good way to earn a decent revenue and to attract a wider audience.

Start Selling Your Own Products

Running your own e-commerce website can help you not only promote your own products but to earn a decent sum. Nevertheless, you will need to explore an online payment system that will ensure that you are able to receive money without any issues.

Start Using Affiliate Marketing

Many are afraid of using affiliate marketing and associating themselves with it because it might seem like they are working a pyramid scheme. Though, this could not be further from the truth. You will have to come up with a marketing strategy beforehand, if you want to make a steady revenue.

Market Sponsored Posts

Chances are that over time, when you website starts getting a decent amount for traffic, you will be offered to review and post sponsored content. Even though it seems like a completely win-win situation, you have to weigh the outcome of it and how it will affect your business. Bear in mind never to post anything irrelevant to your website because it will drive your clients away.

Create an E-Mailing List

As unbelievable as it may sound, but creating a mailing list will help you generate more traffic and profits at the end of the month. You need to ensure that you do your research in order to attract more people and to come up with clever content with the aim in mind to avoid spamming.

Develop and Sell Your Website For a Profit

You can make a sizeable amount of money if you are able to develop a website and sell it to the highest bidder in the end. However, you need to be aware that this method will take some time and effort to get everything started. Furthermore, you have to take into account whether the incubation period for the website will allow you to pull through without having any major expenses.

While it is possible to make money off of your website, it is not as easy as others make it seem, because you have to explore many options in order to find the golden middle line. Moreover, there is no guarantee that one option will be efficient over the other and you need to experiment to find the best possible deal. Keep in mind to set up a good payment system if you want to receive and send money without having to worry about something going wrong along the way.